Whether you're new to Apollo

Looking to optimize your existing setup, or need ongoing support, we offer prebuilt and custom packages that are designed to elevate your sales operations above industry average.

Prebuilt Packages

  • 30 Minute Audit - Free

    Unlock insights into your current usage with our complimentary audit, designed to highlight opportunities for growth and efficiency at no cost.
  • Technical Audit and Recommendations - $1,200.00

    Lay the groundwork for transformation. Our 6-hour audit package provides a technical deep dive, reports and dashboards and a 2 hour tailored analysis and recommendations call. 
Strategies you can implement yourself or with our custom-built packages. Empowering you to initiate change with clarity and precision.

  • Implementation and Onboarding - $3,500

    Jumpstart your journey with a comprehensive 20-hour implementation package. Ideal for new users, this package includes setup, customization, persona building, sequence strategy, reports and dashboards, manager and user training to get your team up and running, and much more!
Managed Services and Content Strategy Committee - $1,500+ per month

    Our managed services include an admin for ongoing support in your account that you can use to build lists, clean data, add contacts to sequences, build triggers, create reports and dashboards, etc.
  • As part of the content strategy committee, you'll receive insights into industry best practices, sequence analysis, monthly business reviews, and content recommendations to enhance your conversion rates.

Custom Packages

  • Streamline your Onboarding with our Data Migration Services

    Transition seamlessly from another platform, we ensure your data is transferred cleanly and efficiently to, laying a robust foundation for your sales efforts
  • Custom Integration Development

    From Salesforce and HubSpot to businesses with unique software ecosystems, we help make sure works in harmony with your niche or proprietary systems, creating a synchronized and more efficient sales operation.
  • Tailored Solutions Just for You

    Haven't found the precise service you're looking for? No problem.
  • At Workava, we know that sometimes your needs don't fit into a predefined package. That’s why we also offer flexible hourly projects, custom-tailored to tackle your unique challenges and goals. Reach out to us with your specific requirements, and let’s craft a solution that’s as unique as your business.